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Island Water Hookups

The county commission, at its meeting of Nov 10th, 2015 created an 5-year exemption from the requirement to connect to the LGI water system (i. e., Jack Boyer’s water system) for LGI property owners who are using well or cistern systems as of the date of the meeting (Nov. 10th), subject to certain provisos.

Well or cistern owners who desire the exemption must submit complete application prior to Feb 1, 2016, to qualify.

For well and cistern owners a satisfactory water quality test performed by the health department within 30 days prior to the date of the application, must be included with the application.

For groundwater-supplied systems, and for combination rainwater-groundwater systems, an engineers report certifying that the well meets county requirements must be included with the application in addition to the health department’s ¬†water quality test.

The exemption requires that the health department will test the water at the property annually.

The ordinance created no new testing or application requirements for cistern systems not used for household water.

The above information is a non-official summary only. The Health Department is currently working out final details of the application process.  See the website below for official up-to-date information.