Board General

LGPOA Board Meeting Minutes 11/24/18


President Richard Leydon called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m. at the Placida Beach Condos clubhouse.


Marietta Abele, Jeff Cowherd, Paul Holmes, Richard Leydon, Rhonda Olson, Terrie Weibley


At present there is $13,800 in our balance, 266 members and a few still trickling in. Road clearing and the Kids Fishing Tournament were expenditures. The Tournament was ultimately canceled due to red tide blooms.


Law Enforcement Protection
Friday December 28th and Saturday December 29th are expected to be peak dates for visitors to the island. Rhonda Olson will research dates for which we hired additional law enforcement last New Year’s holiday and seek Board approval for coverage.

Island Clean-Up
This past September’s Clean-Up suffered from low attendance due to toxic red tide. Recent Clean-ups have concentrated on the beachfront after hurricanes. The Spring Clean-Up will concentrate on the mangroves which are always an issue for trapping trash and debris, Rhonda Olson reported. LGI will likely transition to once per year Clean-Ups rather than twice annually until further notice.

Mary Lou Davidson has sold her island property which leaves a planning committee vacancy, so President Richard Leydon has asked Board member Jeff Cowherd to replace her. Anyone with an interest in our island roads situation as well as marina access may contact President Leydon. North-south access is presently back in operation, but this remains a fragile situation. Consistently, golf cart drivers are the issue. In particular, parents who use golf carts as “babysitters” are depleting the good will of island homeowners who fear liability and quite simply do not want to see anyone hurt. There is a clear relationship between reckless golf cart driving and the threats of some to close roads.

A recent island incident involved children on a golf cart who had removed a business card from the island library and used the name to solicit funds for the person’s supposed wedding. They were going door to door collecting money until the ruse was exposed. Golf Cart Barn owner Deric Flom confiscates the cart if a cart renter is found to have allowed children to drive. Due to the recent volume of calls, Sheriff Ed will issue citations when directly called if children are found to be driving.

Due to the reports of islanders burning furniture, plastics and trash rather than yard debris, the sheriff will now send investigators and issue citations for burning of unacceptable materials.

Garage Sale
Rhonda Olson reported that there were 9 homes listed for the Thanksgiving Friday sale, and it was a smashing success based on reports from those homes.

Intracoastal Waterway Markers
Paul Holmes reported that missing markers have been replaced. Terrie Weibley reported that islanders may download the Charlotte County App to communicate about issues such as missing waterway markers.

Refrigerator magnets with important LGI numbers and guidelines for dog etiquette are being distributed to each home on the island. There is a space on the bottom right to personalize the homeowner’s address and dock number which are needed in any emergency. Property owners are asked to point out the magnet to house guests.


District Representatives
President Richard Leydon expressed the Board’s appreciation for the service of Mary Lou Davidson, and acknowledged the loss to the island and the Board of Barbara Orcutt upon her recent death. Jeff Cowherd was unanimously approved by the Board to take Barbara’s place in District 5 as Representative.

A property of Rhonda Olson’s has sold, so Terrie Weibley moved and Paul Holmes seconded the motion for Deric Flom to serve as Representative for District 3. For the time being, Rhonda Olson will serve at-large as Representative for the vacant seat in District 1 after Richard Leydon so moved, Paul Holmes seconded and the Board unanimously approved.

South End Trespassing
Terrie Weibley raised a concern that the number of boaters who access the south end of LGI and set up for the day has led to a host of problems; trespassing on private property since on this island, property owners on the beach own to the mean high tide line, increasingly utilizing islanders’ yards as restrooms and leaving trash. Since there is no trash service nor public restrooms on this entirely private property, and because increased development of nearby mainland areas increases boat traffic, and because the south end is a shore bird nesting area and holds turtle nests during the season, this issue requires further attention. Consequently, President Richard Leydon and District 8 Representative Terrie Weibley will seek input from nearby homeowners.

With the loss of Mary Lou Davidson’s services to the island, LGPOA has contracted with a service to assist with computer needs. Dawn Bokar has been assisting with membership records and will continue to help. The POA is grateful for her assistance.

Next Meeting
The next Board Meeting and Poker Run is scheduled for January 26th, 2019.


President Richard Leydon adjourned the meeting at 10:55 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Terrie Weibley
Secretary, District 8 Representative