LGPOA Board Candidate Statements

Rhonda Freeman                   District 2, Re-election

I am a Floridian and truly love this state and this island. I care deeply about the present and the future of our island as a wonderful place that we all want to visit and live on. As a homeowner, I want to preserve our way of life for the people living here and work to keep the island as pristine as possible for us and the native fauna and flora who have inhabited our lands for tens of thousands of years.

During my 35+ years as an engineer I have the developed the skills to think strategically and act tactically to develop practical solutions to the threats and opportunities we face on LGI.

Throughout my career I have led and managed people honing the skills to work with folks and to negotiate through tough situations to mutually beneficial outcomes. Finally, I have filled the empty District 2 position for several months and have developed a good handle on the issues facing our g group at this time. I would like to continue to serve the wonderful citizens of this island and specifically District 2.


Richard W. Leydon, Jr.         District 4, Re-election

As per the LGPOA requirements, I, Richard W. Leydon Jr., am submitting my name for re-election to the LGPOA board of directors to continue representing District 4.


Barbara Floria Orcutt                       District 6

I have been active in every community I have lived in, and believe in an informed and active citizenry. As such, I have participated in community forums in cities as large as New York, and as small as Glenwood Springs, CO.

Now retired, I was a journalist for 30 years, specializing in travel and health. In 1987 I was the founding editor of “Vitality,” a corporate health magazine. In 2011 I began my second career as a high school teacher for at-risk teens, earning a teaching degree followed by a Masters in teaching English as a second language.

I look forward to working with board members and homeowners to protect the fragile environment of LGI while fostering a political process that is transparent a