The meeting was called to order by President Richard Leydon at 2:01 p.m.


Marietta Abele (by phone), Rhonda Freeman, Paul Holmes, Richard Leydon, Rhonda Olson, Terrie Weibley


Minutes from the May 21st meeting were previously approved by email affirmation and published on the website.


Paul Holmes reported that the current balance for the LGPOA is $14,314, with 217 current members. He stated that a gracious thank-you note had been received from George Paskert and Lynne Paskert Brown for the donation given to Moffitt Cancer Center in memoriam for beloved islander Sue Paskert .


Due to the inundation of the island by recent rains, it was determined that there would not be a need for Labor Day Weekend additional “off-duty” law enforcement protection.


Kids Fishing and Marine Clinic: Rhonda Olson reported that despite the recent deluge 8 children attended the clinic held earlier today and received fishing rods and tackle boxes along with fun learning activities. Mary Lou Davidson, Pede Fraser, Rhonda and other volunteers manned 5 innovative stations including catching bait, casting. These children experienced through hands-on immersion how to simultaneously enjoy, learn from and respect our unique island environment and its abundant sea life.

Coastal Clean-Up: Saturday, September 30th is the date for this year’s coastal clean-up. Rhonda Olson stated that registration is accomplished online at Be sure to state your preferred t-shirt size. Bags for pick-up and forms can be obtained at the golf cart shop beginning on Thursday, September 21st, allowing ample time to comb through the bayside mangroves at your discretion. Filled bags may be brought to the golf cart shop in the interim, culminating in a final refuse roundup of “trouble spots” on the 30th at Eldred’s Marina where two dumpsters will be available. These dumpsters are not for appliances/technology. See the September Coconut Telegraph ( for helpful tips on where to take other types of discardable items.

Environmental: Linda Soderquist reported that the one nest of shorebirds being watched was washed away by high tides. There has been predation primarily by coyotes and armadillos of 60 nests in zones 3 and 4 with a result of only 12 hatchlings (or is it nests?) from those zones this season. Discussion ensued regarding inability to thwart coyotes with mesh screens, whether dogs are also preying on nests at night, whether unmarked nests also hatched as some witnesses have reported and the pros and cons of utilizing a volunteered motion-activated outdoor camera to document nest predators.

Sailboat Wreckage Update: An apparition of further sailboat hull wreckage appeared recently, except that it was real. Recent strong storms exposed the sight. The County called the salvage company to return, and it removed the latest wreckage from the July 2015 grounding.

Planning and Development: Mary Lou Davidson and Richard Leydon reported that committee members have met with Charlotte County Commissioner Bill Truex and will continue working together. LGI’s golf cart “roads” are unique in that we do have platted roads but they vary in right-of-way and other designations. Palm Island has just worked through issues of road drainage and maintenance, providing some guidance as this committee continues its work. Other issues to be explored include where residents would park on the mainland if marina access changed as well as septic system competence on LGI. A potential survey of residents regarding these issues was discussed with reservations voiced about the extent and intent of the questions. The goal in resolving “road” issues is to seek the simplest possible solution that does not appreciably alter LGI’s unique island life.


On Saturday, November 25th at 2 PM, the next meeting of the LGPOA will be held.


The meeting was adjourned by President Richard Leydon at 3:05 PM.