Board General

LGPOA Board Meeting Minutes 1/26/19


The meeting was called to order at 10:04 a.m. by President Richard Leydon at the Placida Beach Condos clubhouse.


Board members present were Jeff Cowherd, Paul Holmes, Richard Leydon, Rhonda Olson and Terrie Weibley, with a total of 28 property owners signed in.


Paul Holmes reported that at the end of 2018, there were 269 members and $13,800 in the treasury. Currently after expenditures related to holiday police protection, Poker Run supplies and website maintenance, the balance is $13,394. Off-duty police protection requirements have decreased secondary to the red tide’s effect on the island’s population.



Elections for directors of Districts 1, 3, 5 & 7 will be held after the Annual Meeting on March 30th. If current representatives Rhonda Olson (VP), Deric Flom, Jeff Cowherd and Paul Holmes (Treasurer), respectively, are uncontested they will be automatically affirmed.  Willingness to serve must be indicated in writing to Secretary Terrie Weibley no later than February 18th. Additionally, anyone expressing willingness to serve in any future at-large position may also so indicate in writing.


Rhonda Olson reported for Linda Soderquist that red tide has been found for the past week’s sampling in medium concentrations from Stump Pass to Gasparilla Pass. Accompanying it have been respiratory irritation and dead crabs and mullet. One dolphin was found dead on Don Pedro. It is not yet known whether this death was related to the current red tide.

Terrie Weibley reported on a recent meeting with Captains for Clean Water on Boca Grande. A discussion ensued of a recent SFWMD December decision and subsequent request for resignations of that Board by the new governor.

Discussion shifted to environmental concerns re: septic systems amid reports of 5 and 10 year Charlotte County plans for transitioning to the County’s sewage system with related infrastructure. Jack Boyer noted that on the County’s website, there is a five-year plan for sewer transition at a projected cost of $10.7 million. Concerns were immediately raised regarding cost and how to proactively prevent subsequent mass high density development of LGI. Pede Fraser reported on Cape Coral’s transition to sewer conversion, costs and development. Tom McCoy stressed the importance of preserving our existing zoning ordinance of 1 unit per acre. The Planning and Development Committee will closely monitor this issue. Rhonda Olson checks in with the Special Exceptions office at the County every few months, and Richard Leydon reported the Committee is currently working on parking and barge issues.

Terrie Weibley advised that the Charlotte County App is available for both Apple and Android devices, affording access to information and county officials. To download it, go to the iPhone app store  or Google Play store on your phone and simply type in Charlotte County FL App.


Chief Bill Underhill reported zero fire/paramedic issues over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Within the next week, digging will commence for a water supply line for the Hideaway Condos in front of the little pond. This line can be extended for fire hydrants at cost, which results in lower insurance costs to homeowners within 500 feet.


Dawn Bokar advised that if anyone joins LGPOA today, their membership will count through the next fiscal year. Membership packets will be mailed out by the end of February. She is pre-authorized for mail-out expenses up to $1200 after Paul Holmes so moved, Rhonda Olson seconded and the Board unanimously voted affirmatively.

Planning and Development

Richard Leydon moved that he be authorized to seek a plan from DMK for boat slips and parking access at the ancillary public landing area on Placida Road for LGI residents similar to those for Placida Park. This plan will be presented to Charlotte County Commission Chairman Truex. Terrie Weibley seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. A question was raised regarding the property on the other side of the former Mercury Marine facility and whether it has been sold. Further research is needed.


Richard Leydon reported that the green construction heavy duty bags positioned on the island are not for household use, yet trash bags have been unlawfully placed in them. Accompanying photos documented this abuse. Rhonda Olson will draft warning statements for the LGPOA Coconut Telegraph and for rental agencies so that others will know that this action is illegal and that trash trespassers will be fined. Every home on LGI is responsible for proper trash removal off-island.

Rhonda Olson and Richard Leydon reported that recent winter storms and resultant wave action have exposed debris from prior island homes that was previously embedded/hidden in sand dunes. Within the next few weeks, a clean-up will be organized with volunteers and heavy equipment to remove and dispose of this debris.

Terrie Weibley reported that the south end of the island continues to be inundated with boats anchored in the sand, with numerous people and dogs picnicking on private land. Homeowners’ property is being used for restrooms. Apparently several years ago, the County advised boaters that they could no longer anchor at Stump Pass and subsequently, the boaters have turned to the South end of Little Gasparilla Island rather than to nearby Don Pedro Island State Park. Terrie Weibley and Rhonda Olson will do further checking on this and will also talk with south end homeowners, particularly the Hanlins and Puertos. In addition, environmentalists on the island may wish to partner in seeking to restrict boat anchoring/picnicking on this private property beach.

Discussion regarding a point person to stay in close contact with FPL as they make island improvements was urged by Tom McCoy. Richard Leydon and Rhonda Olson maintain a relationship with FPL representative Steve Norton. who owns property on LGI.

Rhonda Olson reminded those present that the annual meeting of the LGPOA will be held on March 30th, with main course and salads provided. Attendees may bring potluck side dishes.


At 10:55 a.m., Richard Leydon moved and Paul Holmes seconded that the meeting be adjourned with Poker Run and prizes to follow.

Respectfully Submitted,
Terrie Weibley
Representative, District 8 and Secretary