Board General

LGPOA Board Meeting Minutes 11/30/23

LGPOA Directors’ Meeting Nov. 30, 2023, Minutes

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Richard 5:03 pm

Attendees: Joe Bokar, Richard Leydon, Pede Fraser, Barb Dwyer, Laurie Tremblay (phone), quorum! Dawn Bokar (membership committee chair), 3 members, including Gaspar’s Hideaway HOA pres., and 2 members from the HBBC community.

  • APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Approved via email from last meeting
  • TREASURER’S REPORT: $2536 spent on road repair after approval by board solicited by email earlier, 2023 income/expense review net increase of $5451. $31,000 balance.
    • Hurricane Ian discussion
      • Island updates: FEMA/ Charlotte County/Clean up formally complete and gone from island.Charlotte County still providing dumpsters at Eldred’s, also at County ramp, although unsure of who is authorized to use and who is funding. There is some talk that Gasparilla Marina is unhappy with the amount of island garbage being left at their dumpsters.Evan and Taylor still provide dumpster bag removal at owners’ expense. Some dumpster bags were left at Bay St. barge landing without authorization.

        If perps are identified, they should be held financially responsible. All dumpster bags must now be removed by owners’ own arrangements and at their expense. Cannot leave on public rights-of-way or private property (including but not limited to barge landings).
        Road repair completed using stone acquired by Leydon, transported by ATL and installed by Leydon. LGPOA reimbursed Leydon for the expense of the repair.

      • Hideaway Bay Beach Club Status: not much happening, new board to begin service tomorrow. Fire suppression repairs are ongoing, insurance claim still being negotiated. Buildings are not entirely dried in. No official occupancy is currently authorized. No official restorative work is being done yet.
      • Placida Beach Condominium Status: General contractor completed major reconstruction of missing upper floors on two buildings, roof decking on three buildings; subcontractors still completing interior renovations, exterior cosmetic and trim work.
    • Additional Topics
      • Barge service Andy still providing sporadic service. Septic service is not happening due to inaccessibility of Andy’s ramp. Robert Hill has improving capacity loading at Fishery, unloading at his property or unofficially on Carter St. behind the Chapel. He has a new barge that can accommodate Martens Septic service truck. Rum Runner landing is used on a donation basis to Gaspar’s HOA, but this is worrisome due to liability issues, and road maintenance, potential submerged land lease violations, but is the only site on the island that can accommodate the Palm Island transport which FPL relies upon.

We discussed re-engaging the county commissioners to once again study options for mainland barge loading access point, as all prior discussion was pre-Ian and it should now be clearer that the island community needs a public option ( much has changed in the interim, including delayed development at the Fishery property, delay of the public project at the county ramp, and the change in status of Eldred’s which has been taken off the market for now.

      • Road repair We will continue to box blade bad areas and consider filling holes with rock on a case-by-case basis. Some directed donation money could be used for this purpose.
      • Status of mainland access: Board proposal to write a communication to county and/or state to support private barge access on both sides of the bay. Motion to draft proposal made by Joe, seconded by Pede, passed unanimously. We will draft a letter by committee and by email, addressed to the commissioners, and any appropriate state agency to seek advice and assistance.
      • Fishery development is still in flux, albeit at a slower pace.
      • Investigate rumor that sewer project is being resurrected.

Next Meeting: Plan in mid to late January 2024. TBA.

Adjourned 6:14 pm: motion by Pede, second by Richard, all in favor.