Board General

LGPOA Board Meeting Minutes 11/8/22



  1. CALL TO ORDER: 5:39 pm

Attendance: Richard Leydon, Deric Flom, Pede Fraser, Brian Callahan, Barb Dwyer, Laurie Tremblay, Joe Bokar (Dawn Bokar-minutes), Rhonda Olson by invitation, by phone.

  2. TREASURER’S REPORT: No change in balance; Proposal to add GoFundme donations to LGPOA account to be held separately for Hurricane relief. Any donations received to be deposited into LGPOA account, and tracked separately as “Hurricane Relief” and to be spent on related projects, such as debris cleanup with approval by vote of the board at a future time, as needed.

    • Hurricane Ian discussion

      • Island updates: FEMA/ Charlotte County will likely help with debris removal, but they are still working out details of how to cover costs of debris collection from private roads (which we are). Islanders are again encouraged to apply for FEMA assistance, as the number of applications in the county helps to guide distribution of state (FDEM) and federal (FEMA) funds to the county;
        Terri and Pede are working with a private company (Universal Contracting and Construction): to present a proposal to the county for an incinerator and mulcher for the island. The hope is to obtain a contract for chipping/burning of all vegetative debris, as well as a mobile incinerator for disposal of some or all construction debris. They think they could clear all debris on the island on the order of 4-6 weeks. LG Vacation Rentals is spearheading and hoping to present a proposal to commissioner Truex for review.
      • Hideaway: All Dry USA is handling drying out and mitigation
      • Placida Beach contracting and insurance questions remain active! Debris cleanup underway with the help of Spokes of Hope as well as owners/private contractors.
    • Ian Topics

      • Insurance claims – lots of companies are trying to rush settlements – beware
      • Public adjusters they take 10%
      • Rentals concern about outsiders with liability
    • New Business:

      • Discussion of barge access: Robert Hill’s application for zoning variance to allow him to operate island-side barge landing on his own property takes place with the county Wed Nov. 9, 2022.
        Andy Dixon’s landing was washed out by the storm, and he has indicated he is not planning repairs.
        FPL built a temporary landing on public property at end of Rum Runner, but its continued use and management/maintenance is unknown.
        Evan Merritt has been providing a service of dumpster bag transport and disposal for $200/bag and islanders are encouraged to use this service for now.
      • List of docks, Dock Association Leadership: We need to continue to compile a database as a resource for ourselves, real estate inquiries, and to complete an island map for owners to help with their renters.
        The directors discussed the substantial contribution that Rhonda Olson has made regarding hurricane relief communication since the storm. We again discussed formalizing an Association position of communication coordinator for her to be formally recognized for past and ongoing efforts in this regard. No conclusion was reached.
    •  Next Meeting: Tuesday Nov 29 5:30 pm