President Richard Leydon called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m.


Marietta Abele, Paul Holmes, Richard Leydon, Rhonda Olson, Barbara Orcutt, Terrie Weibley


Minutes from the September 2nd meeting were approved as corrected after a motion by Richard Leydon, seconded by Rhonda Olson.


Paul Holmes reported that the LGPOA’s current balance is $14,432, with 220 members.


Planning and Development: Mary Lou Davidson reiterated that the Committee previously met with Chairman Truex of the Charlotte County Commission regarding issues related to LGI’s North/South corridor, island access and mainland parking. They await further information from the Commissioner regarding legal definitions of various island platting terminology and prescriptive right of way clarification. Tom McCoy stated that Randy Ridenhauer conducted such a study years ago. Mary Lou advised that a stack of material had recently been brought to her attention that may be this study.

Richard Leydon reported that several Board members attended the October 18th meeting about planned development on the Fishery Restaurant land and surrounding property. Condominiums and a short stay building as well as a relocated Fishery Restaurant are designated for the property by the new developer. The zoning plan will be considered in December, followed by a County Commission meeting in January.


Island Clean-Up: Thirty-eight people picked up 3,060 pounds of debris from approximately three miles of the beach at the September 30th LGI Coastal Clean-up. This group was the largest ever, and their work was helpful with pink house debris in particular.



Beach Debris from Pink House:  On November 17th  on behalf of the Board, President Richard Leydon sent a letter (attached) to the homeowners, Commissioner Truex and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection seeking redress of remaining pink house debris after the home was destroyed by Hurricane Irma on September 10th and 11th .  The debris field includes asbestos and extends from the ocean floor and beach area to the property of homeowners. No response has been received as of this date. Clarification of legal obligation for clean-up is sought. Various county, state and federal agencies have been contacted without action to date. A particular concern is the septic tank which has yet to be drained. The Health Department inspected the tank but no further action has been taken.


Police Protection: The Board will hire police protection to cover the New Year holiday prime periods of Saturday, December 30th from 4-10 pm, and Sunday December 31st from 4 pm until 1 am.  A lively discussion ensued about past situations, escalating brazen behavior and the importance of restraint but also arrest when necessary.


Environmental: Linda Soderquist reminded that turtle season ends November 30th. A final report on the season is therefore not yet available, but predation from coyotes and armadillos has increased. At the next board meeting, efforts to reduce coyote and armadillo predation will be discussed.


Marina Docking: Islanders who utilize Gasparilla Marina have seen their docking opportunities recently diminished, making it difficult to tie up for day errands such as grocery shopping or post office visits. Richard Leydon will serve as liaison with the Marina.


FPL: Florida Power and Light has left some debris from improvements at various locations on island properties such as telephone poles, transformers, and downed wires in District 1.


Charlotte County Water: Kathy Stokes presented concerns related to the Phase 2 rate increase. While she is not currently a customer, she notes that the Public Service Commission (PSC) will make recommendations on November 30th. Several islanders spoke favorably about their water service. All who so desire are advised to make their comments known to the PSC.


DMK Survey: Paul Holmes reported that surveyors from DMK have been working on the island to update elevation measurements for Charlotte County at FEMA’s request.


Garage Sale: Today’s island-wide garage sale saw record “crowds.” (The word “crowd” should not be taken literally.) However, attendance was increased, with a number of interesting and useful items available.


Poker Run: On January 6th, 2018, a golf cart poker run will be held, with a potluck lunch afterward at the Placida Beach Condo grounds (or clubhouse in case of inclement weather). Prizes will be awarded at the luncheon.


Next Meeting: Prior to the Poker Run, the next meeting of the LGPOA will be held at 10 a.m. on January 2nd at the Placida Beach Clubhouse.



The meeting was adjourned at 3:28 pm by President Richard Leydon.


Respectfully Submitted by Terrie Weibley