Board General

LGPOA Board Meeting Minutes 12/17/20


Minutes for LGPOA (5PM phone conference)

Present: Richard, Rhonda, Paul, Barb, Deric, Joe, Laurie, Roy

Paul and Richard presented information from a meeting they attended on 12/14/20 held by the Palm Island Estates Association (PIE), which is a non-profit, not mandatory, association of homeowners on Knight Island, Palm Island, Don Pedro Island and Thornton Key.

1.     PIE knew much less about the EU sewer project than us

2.     Jack gave a similar presentation to the one he gave to us

3.     Jack was reported to say that the DEP would mandate EU to be responsible for equipment from the point of connection to the house

4.     Jack was more neutral on the low – pressure vs vacuum system

5.     PIE member stated that no development should ever be allowed on state park area

6.     Richard/Paul told PIE that we were gathering information to make informed decisions.

Joe made a point about defining the costs: at the macro level – cost of complete system broken down by cost to the homeowner (impact fee) and at the micro level – the monthly/quarterly cost for usage rates, operation, maintenance.

There was more discussion about which type of system would be the best. The board is willing to have higher initial costs (within reason) to avoid long term cost. Would electrical outages present problems with vacuum system?

The board would like to have the most effective, least expensive system over the long term. It would be great to have initial installation cost spread over time as opposed to all money upfront. All should be encouraged to express this to PSC.

Discussion on whether EU could obtain the grants since it is a private utility. Jack said he could have a specialist from Miami who will obtain the grants.

Discussion on if and when to obtain an attorney. Board members had different opinions, but agreed that Rhonda and Roy would investigate the possibility of having an attorney as our professional representative to ensure that we get the best outcome for our cost. We want to keep initial costs and monthly/quarterly expenses as low as possible. The question was raised as to when the attorney should be brought on board and Roy suggested asking islanders for donations. Barb mentioned the retainer fee for Hideaway lawyer was $3500, and we would prefer to keep initial cost under $5000. They will report back to board members when information is acquired.