Board General

LGPOA Board Meeting Minutes 9/15/22

LGPOA Board Meeting September 15, 2022 5:30 pm

  1. CALL TO ORDER: 5:36 pm
    Attendees: (Phone) Laurie Tremblay, Barb Dwyer, Joe Bokar, Deric Flom, Brian Callahan, Jeff Handlin
    (on site) Pede Fraser, Richard Leydon
  2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Approved by e-mail:  August 2 meeting
  3. TREASURER’S REPORT: $27,000 balance, including ~$1600 earmarked for kids’ fishing tournament
    1. MEMBERSHIP (Dawn/Richard) 196 memberships
    2. ENVIRONMENTAL Nothing to add on nesting season
    1. EU UPDATE – No new official news, EU appeal was not granted; denial of application seemed to be focused on two issues 1) lack of demonstration of need for service (no customers requesting), although Jack’s contention is that County sewer master plan and county communication via letters is the justification for need 2) PSC and OPC felt that EU’s inability to accurately predict customer cost precludes granting the permit. To our knowledge, although this docket is closed, there is nothing to prevent re-application by Jack or another utility company. Currently, regulation of existing septic has moved from county oversight to DEP. Whether this has any practical implications for islanders remain to be seen.
    2. ELDRED’S UPDATE/Barge Access – Eldred’s is under contract for sale. Timing is not clear, buyer is not identified. Barging, parking, water taxi are all unknowns, but highly unlikely any will be preserved based upon putative sale price. It seems that Andy Dixon is already pulling back from barging from the marina to the Bay Street barge landing. Robert Hill has been barging material using the public ramp as a loading site to an island landing on his property adjacent to Hideaway. The permanence of this option is uncertain as it may require a zoning change on the island side (whether there is islander opposition to this  NIMBY is uncertain and as an organization we can consider offering him a letter of support if it will facilitate this necessity; additionally some compromise is needed on the mainland side by the county to preserve the existing ramp at the county facility during and after renovation of the park, or alternatively to help identify and construct an alternative site. Palm Island ferry barge could potentially land at the Bay Street landing if some deal could be worked out between the islanders/customers and the property owner. After our last meeting Richard sent a letter to the commissioners on behalf of our Board clarifying that we don’t need a barge service, just mainland access for a barge to land and load. He reports that both commissioner Truex and Tiseo immediately acknowledged receipt of the letter and attention to our concerns!
    3. COCONUT TELEGRAPH Kudos to Laurie for the successful August issue. Articles for the next issue need to be submitted by Sept. 25. We would like to get it out in time to include an announcement of the Celebration of Life for Sam Dixon.
    4. KIDS FISHING TOURNAMNET Pede and Brian to brainstorm.
    1. Navigation: Richard has video documentation of the confusion caused by our Red #2 and ICW markers leading to a hazardous condition and will again address with the county the adjustment of its position westward, so as to be out of line with the ICW. Joe and Brian will collaborate to develop an informal channel map of our county maintained (uncharted) channels to the island along with rough estimation of private dock locations to serve as a resource for visitors and renters. We can start with a screenshot of the Navionics map of Placida harbor, with the “official” channel markers.
    2. Garlon: This herbicide is available to islanders for treatment of invasive species (Australian Pine and Brazilian Pepper trees. We will put a link to invasive plant management/native plants from Jennifer McCullough on our website.
    3. Island Cleanup: Deric will organize, hopefully prior to Thanksgiving Holiday weekend
    4. LGPOA committees: Dawn to send Richard list of people who have expressed interest on their membership applications in organizing or resurrecting LGPOA committees.
  7. NEXT MEETING will be Sat. Nov. 5 at 10:30 am at the Placida Beach Condos field.
  8. ADJOURN: 6:34 pm