Environmental Committee

Committee Chair: Open, environmental@lgpoa.org

Linda Soderquist has served as our island Environmental Chairperson for many years. Because she is increasingly off-island, she has offered to give her position to someone who spends more time on the island. If anyone is interested, she will provide assistance. She is more than willing to help from her computer with anything the island needs.  If no one comes forward, she will remain the Chairperson.

Sea Turtles

Florida Wildlife Commission LGI Turtle Permit Holder: Brenda Curtis, turtlepatrol@lgpoa.org

Turtle season begins May 1st and continues until October 31st. Below are a few things islanders need to do to get ready.  Property owners and rental managers please ensure all new and returning renters adhere to the following rules:

  • Remove all furniture, chairs, umbrellas, etc. from the beach. Turtles will be coming in to nest, and all of the things mentioned above may hinder nesting. Sea turtles are protected by Federal and State Laws.  
  • Check your lighting on beachfront homes. Please make sure exterior lights are off or shielded and lights that are on timers are off from dusk to dawn. Close drapes and blinds on beachfront homes to prevent light from shining onto the beach at night. Lighting disturbs nesting turtles and hatchlings.
  • Avoid using flashlights, lanterns, or flash photography while on the beach at night. Use red filters for flashlights and download a red filter app for phones.
  • No fires on the beach during turtle nesting season.
  • Fill in any holes dug on the beach.
  • Dogs are not permitted on public beaches in Charlotte County. Domestic dogs are predators just as much as coyotes, armadillos, or raccoons. Dogs naturally see sea turtles and shore birds as a source of prey or something new to investigate. Dogs are not permitted on beaches in Charlotte County. There is also a leash law Charlotte County Animal Control Ord. No 98-070 and Ord no. 2000-033. Leash laws in Charlotte County, Florida
  • Do not follow nesting sea turtles if you observe them on the beach nesting. Respect their privacy with a safe distance of at least 40 feet.

If you need information about sea turtles or shorebirds and their nesting habits and habitats for your rental property, please contact me at turtlepatrol@lgpoa.org.

Red Tide
This time of year we often hear about Red Tide in the news. Although the occurrence of a red tide cannot be predicted, scientists can forecast its movement using wind and water current data once a bloom is located. Scientists also monitor the concentration of the red tide organism by collecting water samples routinely and in response to blooms. Some people experience respiratory irritation (coughing, sneezing, tearing and an itchy throat) when the Florida red tide organism is present and winds blow onshore. Red Tide can also affect marine animals as well as dogs near the beach. The Florida Department of Health advises people with severe or chronic respiratory conditions, such as emphysema or asthma, to avoid red tide areas. For the most up to date information and maps, please visit Red Tide Current Status.

Armadillos and Feral cats
Armadillo and feral cats are still an issue on LGI, with many reports of new litters. Armadillo are a relentless predators of sea turtle nests and they carry leprosy. Do not handle the armadillo. Cats continue to multiply and increase the coyote population as well. If you would like to borrow a trap, call Lt. Brian Jones at Charlotte County Animal Control: 941-833-5686 or 833-5690.

Who do you call if you find an animal that’s hurt?
The Wildlife Center of Venice will help you if you’ve found an animal in need at 941-484-9657. If you’d like more information or want to support this organization, you can do so at www.wildlifecenterofvenice.org.

Concerns about mosquitoes can be directed to Charlotte County by visiting the website at http://www.charlottecountyfl.com/PublicWorks/PestManagement/Mosquito/ or call 941-764-4370.

All about mangroves: www.dep.state.fl.us/central/Home/SLERP/Mangroves/mangroves.htm.

Volunteer Opportunities
Please visit https://lgpoa.org/2015/06/21/call-for-volunteers/