Board General

LGPOA Directors’ Business Meeting Minutes 4/23/22

LGPOA Directors’ Business Meeting April 23, 2022

Call to Order: 12:35 pm

Directors in attendance: Laurie Tremblay, Brian Callahan (phone), Deric Flom, Richard Leydon, Joe Bokar, Barb Dwyer, Pede Frazer, Jeff Handlin (phone)

Election of Officers:

President: Motion by Joe Bokar to nominate Richard Leydon, seconded by Deric Flom, unanimously elected.

Vice president: Motion by Joe Bokar to nominate Deric Flom, seconded by Pede Frazer.

Treasurer: Motion by Joe Bokar to nominate Brian Callahan, seconded by Pede Frazer. Unanimously elected

Secretary: Joe Bokar unanimously elected

Welcome new Directors: Brian Callahan District 2, Jeff Handlin District 8