Board General

LGPOA Election Board Meeting Minutes 3/30/19


Immediately following the annual meeting, President Richard Leydon called the Election Board Meeting to order at 11:46 a.m.


Marietta Abele, Jeff Cowherd, Deric Flom, Rhonda Freeman (by conference call), Paul Holmes, Richard Leydon, Rhonda Olson and Rhonda Freeman (by conference call), Terrie Weibley


Richard Leydon made a motion that the following persons be approved as District Representatives for the ensuing two-year period;

District 1 – Rhonda Olson

District 3 – Deric Flom

District 5 – Jeff Cowherd

District 7 – Paul Holmes

The motion was seconded by Terrie Weibley and unanimously approved by the board.


Officers for the year were approved unanimously;

President – Richard Leydon

Vice President – Rhonda Olson

Secretary – Terrie Weibley

Treasurer – Paul Holmes


Terrie Weibley moved and Richard Leydon seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The time was 11:52 a.m., and immediately following it islanders stayed on for a presentation by snook expert Jim Locascio.

Respectfully submitted,

Rhonda Olson, Vice President