LGPOA Meeting Minutes January 6, 2018



The meeting was called to order at 10:03 a.m. by President Richard Leydon, Jr.


Marietta Abele (by phone), Paul Holmes, Richard Leydon,Jr. Rhonda Olson, Barbara Orcutt, Terrie Weibley


A motion to approve the November 25th, 2017 minutes was made by Richard Leydon,Jr. and seconded by Rhonda Olson. The minutes were approved.


Paul Holmes reported that as of December 31, 2017 there were 221 members of the LGPOA, and as of today there are 222. Any islander now joining the LGPOA will be added to the circulation list with the membership applied to the next fiscal year.


Notice of Elections

Terrie Weibley announced that representatives for Districts 2, 4, 6 and 8 are up for election this year at the Annual Meeting planned for April 14th, and that District 1 has a vacancy as well. At present the current representatives for 2, 4, 6 and 8 are willing to continue to serve, though this does not preclude other nominations for the slots. Any LGPOA member willing to serve may submit their name for nomination, including an explanation of their motivation to represent their district. Submissions must be received by Monday, March 15, 2018. Further details are available on the website.

Hurricane Irma Cleanup

Another chapter in the debris cleanup from the Pink House felled by Hurricane Irma was completed on Saturday, December 30th, 2017. An army of volunteers turned out to assist in salvaging, sorting, burning and transporting items that were throughout the dunes and on the beach from the vicinity of the fallen house and continuing south. Photos of these valiant soldiers will be posted in a gallery on the website. Rhonda Olson was the “General” of this army, and local contractors Jack Boyer, Richard Leydon, Jr. Glen Schroeder and Bruce Woithe drove heavy equipment with great skill to bring about the cleanup. Islanders are grateful for their generous help. Pink house homeowners were on the island that day, and reported that red tape among various agencies permitting the septic tank removal is gradually being untangled.

Rhonda stated that Charlotte County will bring equipment to deal with Irma plant/tree debris on Monday, January 8th. FPL will assist as well. Homeowners must add their names to the list in order to ensure debris chipping. Concerns were raised about a precarious tree from the hurricane in the vicinity of Dock 26 near a power line as well.

Island “Roads”

Richard Leydon,Jr. reported that investigating the status of island right-of-way “roads” is currently a whac-a-mole situation. Charlotte County agencies defer to one another and information is not forthcoming. Meanwhile, owners in areas like Seagrape Lane are concerned about potentially having roadways in their backyards. Indications are that some sort of clarification may be available by the end of January 2018. The Planning Committee hopes to determine whether the County will provide legal clarity and guidance about various roadways.

Holiday Protection

As in recent years, the LGPOA hired a deputy for New Year’s Eve to provide onsite availability. Reported island incidents were nil other than under-aged golf cart drivers engaging in risky driving behavior. Additional officers will be hired for the period of Spring Break on key dates.


Linda Soderquist’s report is available on She stated that a portion of her report was inadvertently omitted regarding dogs and red tide danger.

LGIFR Update

Paul Holmes reported on Board Elections. Andy Hagelin will serve as Chairman, Roy Pettiway as Vice Chair, Dale Magoon as Secretary and Conrad Coolidge as Treasurer. The LGIFR budget has been depleted by $60,000 secondary to the lawsuit brought by a former fire chief. The suit was recently decided against him, but in defending the LGIFR those funds are not repaid.


Annual Meeting Date

Rhonda Olson moved that the Annual Meeting be set for April 14th. The motion was seconded by Terrie Weibley and passed.

Commercial Regulation Issues

Deric Flom raised the issue of business license regulations and checks and balances on the island. Discussion ensued. While his golf cart business is legally approved as an exception by Charlotte County, signs for other businesses are cropping up that are not permitted for the island. Islanders are advised that posting business signs is prohibited and issues of increased foot traffic in residential areas is one reason. Charlotte County has authority over commercial applications for residential zones, and it is agreed that there is a need for enforcement. An article in the Coconut Telegraph will be written by Rhonda Olson to advise islanders of these zoning issues and to revisit island etiquette. Mary Lou Davidson offered to work with a lead person in order to meet with the County regarding this issue. Islanders interested in taking the lead on this issue are encouraged to contact President Richard Leydon or VP Rhonda Olson.


Concerns were raised about too many dogs on the beach at certain spots. Some islanders have noted increased density of more aggressive breeds particularly on the north end as well as the south Pass area via anchored boaters, as well as dog owners leaving poop bags on the beach. Incredibly, some visitors apparently think there is a “poop patrol” to pick up after their dogs. This sows ill will among even the most dedicated dog lovers. Concerns about safety from aggressive breeds were raised. A common sense approach was advocated. Actions to be taken include arranging a meeting for consensus regarding breeds considered hi-risk for aggressive behavior with rental agencies and private rental property owners. This meeting will include Chris Quereau and a Board member.

Poker Run

Rhonda Olson announced that food and prizes will follow the Poker Run after today’s meeting.

Digital Directory

Mary Lou Davidson proposed a voluntary digital directory for Little Gasparilla Island, possibly accessed through a password on the website. Terrie Weibley moved and Rhonda Olson seconded the motion to proceed with a budget proposal.


Richard Leydon, Jr. moved and Paul Holmes seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 11:01.


Respectfully Submitted,

Terrie Weibley

District 8 Rep, Secretary