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Native Plants For Little Gasparilla Island Florida

The LGPOA is pleased to share Native Plants For Little Gasparilla Island Florida, Second Edition which is a book written by Jennifer McCullough about native LGI plant life. This 103 page book is available in PDF format from our website, or you can download a copy directly from Jumpshare using this link: https://jmp.sh/EQPQof7.

From the book’s introduction:

“This document was created to be used as a reference for residents of Little Gasparilla Island who are interested in creating a landscape using native plants. Only native plants appropriate for the area are listed and not only are they beautiful, they will greatly contribute to providing bird, butterfly and assorted wildlife habitat and do not require the continuous fertilizer and watering that most of the big box store nursery plants do. The information provided comes from books, online resources as well as personal experience gained from years of watching what works here and what doesn’t. Creating an environment using Florida native plants will help enrich the life experience of every living thing on this special barrier island.”

Download a PDF copy by clicking below:
Native Plants For Little Gasparilla Island Florida, Second Edition (PDF, 35.5MB)