Nesting Sea Birds

Several species of shorebirds and seabirds nest along our Gulf coasts beaches. Habitat loss has restricted many of these species. Our shorebirds are particularly sensitive to human disturbance. For example, one dog passing near a colony of nesting seabirds can cause all the birds to panic and subsequently leave their nests dangerously exposed to the hot boiling sun.

How you can help protect beach-nesting birds:

  • Never enter areas posted with shorebird/seabird signs.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and away from areas where birds may be nesting.
  • Keep cats indoors, and do not feed stray cats.
  • Properly dispose of trash to keep predators away.
  • Do not fly kites near areas where birds may be nesting.
  • When birds are aggravated, you are too close.

Shorebird nesting season has already started and will continue through July. Last summer we found and marked solitary shorebird nests (both Wilson’s Plovers and Snowy Plovers). We have had a colony of Least Terns nesting on LGI, but they moved to more favorable nesting beaches. For more information, check out these websites: http://myfwc.com/ or http://www.flshorebirdalliance.org/

Rescuing Wildlife

The nearest wildlife rehab organization is the Wildlife Center of Venice. They will send someone to the marinas or Placida boat ramp to collect injured wildlife and will give you advice on capture and transport. This organization has all the state and Federal permits to care for and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Visit their website for more information. http://wildlifecenterofvenice.org/

The Wildlife Center Of Venice, Inc.

(941) 484-9657   Daytime (941) 416-4967   Emergency