Board General

Notice of LGPOA Annual Election of Directors

Annual Election of Directors:

Per our bylaws: This notice is given in excess of 60 days prior to the Annual Members’ meeting

The Directors representing odd numbered districts shall be elected in odd numbered years, and, likewise, the Directors representing even numbered districts shall be elected in even numbered years. (in 2023, Districts 1,3,5,7 are up for election).

Current positions are held by:

District 1: 8000-8288 LGI

Currently Laurie Tremblay (Coconut Telegraph Editor)


District 3: 8594-8888, excluding 8546, 8554, 8558, 8562, 8566, 8574, 8582, 8590, and excluding even numbers 8802-8818

Currently Deric Flom (Vice President)


District 5: 9140-9394

Currently Joe Bokar (Secretary)


District 7: 9420-9646

currently (at large) Pede Fraser


If you are a member in one of these districts, and are interested in running for directorship of your district (including the incumbents), notify Joe Bokar (secretary) by email ( of your intention, asap, and no later than March 5, 2023. Current directors in these districts must also notify the secretary if they are interested in continuing to serve. Regardless of the existing director’s intent, if more than one member in a district volunteers, an election will be held in that district. The deadline to notify the secretary of intent to run is March 5, 2023. Which is 40 days prior to the meeting. The election will be done by email between March 6 and the Annual Meeting. Any member in each of those districts, including the four (4) Directors whose terms expire at the end of the current year, who desires to serve as a Director for their District, shall notify the Secretary of their candidacy in writing or by email no later than 40 days in advance of the annual meeting. For each district holding an election, the Secretary shall then send by email to all members in the district the list of all candidates for Director in that district no later than 30 days in advance of the annual meeting.