Island Services

Police Presence During March

The LGPOA made a decision to hire one additional police officer to patrol the island for the 3 consecutive Saturday evenings during the March Spring Break. It appears that, as a result of our preventive measures, on-island incidents during the month of March were kept to a minimum. There were a total of 8 incidents reported. (2 -Disturbing the peace, 2-Trespass, 1- Animal complaint, 1- Agency Assisted eviction, 1- Assault, 1-Fire.) On the flip side, we are pleased to report that there were no serious injuries, property damage or thefts reported.


Working together during March proved to be successful. Be sure to thank the Verney family who allowed officers the use of their golf cart. We would like to thank Officer John Stewart for his ongoing assistance on the island. He has gone above and beyond to help orient, train and support the police officers that we hire.

Homeowners and property managers worked collectively to pre-screen their guests during this period and responded quickly and deliberately to the disturbance complaints of affected neighbors. A “shout out” to Captain Emmett for his willingness to notify homeowners of young people boarding his taxi en route to occupy homes on the island. Finally, the LGPOA board would like to express its appreciation of islanders who pitched in to pick up the litter that was left behind.


Our promise is to continue our concerted efforts each season to make spring break on the island safer and less intrusive. It wasn’t perfect, but we feel that through communication and extra police presence incidents were kept to a minimum.