Post Hurricane Irma clean up NEWS!


This coming Saturday, volunteers will be gathering to collect post hurricane debris from the beach and dune areas in preparation for the upcoming county clean up effort which will take place on January 8th (details provided below). 

If you can assist in this effort, please plan to meet at the Little Gasparilla Island Fire Department located at 9540 Jolly Roger Trail at 9am this Saturday, December 30th .

Please wear protective eye wear and jeans if you’d like, sturdy shoes and yard gloves will come in handy. Plan to arrive promptly at 9am for detailed instructions and if you miss the group at the firehouse, the volunteers will be south of the Preserve working away. Fueled up chain saws are welcome.  The LGPOA will provide sandwiches and cold water.


On Monday, January 8th, 2018 Charlotte County Department of Public Works will be on island to collect any remaining debris left behind in Irma’s wake. This will include household debris left over from the “pink house” that will be gathered this Saturday, as well as the several tree and brush piles that remain.

How can you help?

Prior to January 8th, we invite homeowners to place any residual storm debris they have in front of their property for pick up. It will be chipped or taken off island by the county crews.

To make sure no property gets left behind, the LGPOA will provide the county with a list of islander addresses that have placed burnable and non-burnable debris along the sand path or, in a designated place in your neighborhood. If you intend to participate, please send your house number with a brief description of your debris pile to  Any questions? Please call 941-999-7788.

 Below are the strict parameters for leaving debris out for January 8th pick up:

1. Storm debris ONLY.

2. Separate Non-burnable items from yard waste and brush.  Piles of mixed debris will not be picked up.

3. Debris should be placed at least 2 foot away from the cart path.  PLEASE DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE SAND PATH.

4. Green “recent” yard clippings do not qualify.  

5. Household waste will not be picked up.  

POST HURRICANE IRMA WASTE ONLY. Anything else will be left behind.