UPDATE: Seeking public support for an expanded county dock facility

Dear Members and other LGI neighbors,

This is an update on our campaign for soliciting your comments in support of an expanded county mainland commercial/parking/taxi docking/dock facility.

We have roughly 60-signed statements so far. Our initial goal is to have 100 for the boat expansion project/barge landing alone, but we’d love to see 100 statements in support of a transient dock facility and additional parking before we submit our packet of comments signatures to county leadership. (Owners of the Placida and Hideaway Condo complexes have not commented on parking, understandably in some respects, as both facilities have their own mainland parking. But it’s clear that even these facilities risk overcapacity, and additional parking options for owners and their guests/renters may be needed in the future). We will continue to collect signed statements of support until we have 100 and keep submitting the additional responses.

Please share this information with your island neighbors and friends if you haven’t already:

Richard Leydon, LGPOA Board president was asked to join in on a meeting with Commissioner Truex, last Monday, April 4. We had hoped LGI’s needs would be strongly considered, but it seems they are not! A more complete report of this meeting will be posted to our website when it becomes available to share.

Two additional points:

1) Many islanders were not aware of the survey the county conducted in 2020 regarding this project, countywide there were only just over 100 responses. The LGPOA is creating a “Survey Monkey” for islanders to share your thoughts and pass them on to our Commissioners in an organized manner. We will send the survey to you using the emails you sent your statements to us with. Please expect those in your emails within the next week or two.

2) A number of responses we have gotten so far supporting the improvements to the county mainland facility seem to have relied on cutting/pasting from a common source. As this will likely be obvious to the county officials to whom we present these statements, please try to draft original verbiage, and if you did not the first time, please resubmit an original statement in your own words if you so choose.

Again, if you haven’t already, please submit a statement ASAP to our LGPOA vice president by email

Once we have collated the responses into a unified document to present to the county, we will also post it publicly in the interest of transparency.

We must stand together as an island community! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for LGI and we need to be united to achieve our goals.

The LGPOA Board of Directors