Volunteer Focus: Charles and Phyllis NeSmith

If you’ve ever spent time in the NeSmith garden you would easily understand why Writer, Thomas Becker and Photographer, Max Kelly of Harbor Style Magazine spent the day on island applauding Phyllis and Charles on their Florida Friendly Landscape ™. With so many gardens to choose from in the region, it must have been quite a thrill to receive this kind of recognition. Congratulations Charles and Phyllis. Thank you for your love and commitment to the delicate ecosystem on Little Gasparilla Island.  Below is a Link to the story in Harbor Style Magazine.

Note: Phyllis and Charles manage the distribution of Garlon 4 to islanders for their island yard use. Garlon 4 is funded by the LGPOA and used to eradicate invasive plants like Australian Pines and Brazilian Peppers. For more information on how to obtain some for your use, contact Phyllis at