Board General

Notice of LGPOA Annual Meeting & Election of Directors

Dear Members of the LGPOA:

First of all, I, the  and the rest of the board of directors, and your board officers apologize in advance for missing important deadlines regarding the 2024 Annual Meeting and notice of election of directors!

Our bylaws state the annual members’ meeting be held in in March or April, with notification sent by email, taking place at least 30 days in advance. We are about to miss this deadline. As such, we are scheduling the meeting for Saturday April 27th at 11:00 O’clock in the Preserve chapel. At this time, the terms of the directors from even numbered districts expire. We should have made this announcement at least a month ago. The affected districts are:

Current positions are held by:

District 2: 8292 – 8538, including: 8542, 8550, 8556, 8560, 8564, 8568, 8570, 8576, 8578, 8586
Currently represented by Brian Callahan (treasurer)

District 4: 8890 ‐ 9134, including: 8802‐8818 (even #’s)
Currently represented by Richard Leydon (president)

District 6: Hideaway Bay
Currently represented by Barb Dwyer

District 8: 9660 – 9908, including: 9494, 9498, 9502
Currently represented by Jeff Handlin


If you are a member in one of these districts and are interested in running for directorship of your district (including the incumbents), notify Joe Bokar (secretary) by email ( of your intention, ASAP, and no later than April 5, 2024. Current directors in these districts must also notify the secretary if they are interested in continuing to serve. Regardless of the existing director’s intent, if more than one member in a district volunteers, an election will be held in that district. The deadline to notify the secretary of intent to run is April 5, 2024. Which is 21 days prior to the meeting, and well after the time required by the bylaws, however, we earnestly hope members will pardon this oversight in this CRAZY YEAR. The election will be done by email between April 6 and the Annual Meeting. Any member in each of those districts, including the four (4) Directors whose terms expire at the end of the current year, who desires to serve as a Director for their District, shall notify the Secretary of their candidacy or by email, please, no snail mail due to time constraints!

If there are strong objections to this abbreviated timeline, the election of directors will have to be postponed a month or two.


Joe Bokar
District five director and secretary
For the LGPOA Board of Directors.