Wildlife Strandings

sperm-whale-lgiA whale stranded on the sandbar at the south end of the island last month. Islanders gathered to try to keep the 19 foot sperm whale calf cool and wet until FWC and Mote Aquarium arrived on the scene. Somehow this calf was separated from its mother, was in a very weakened condition and had also been wounded by predators. After assessment of its condition, the whale was euthanized and taken away for necropsy. Sperm whales can be found anywhere in the open ocean. The females cooperate to protect and nurse their young. Females give birth every four to twenty years and care for the calves for more than a decade. A mature sperm whale has few natural predators. It was sad to see such a rare animal in distress, but wonderful to have so many islanders step in to help.
Those of you familiar with the old trestles may have seen a stranded raccoon high atop a piling one day in October, not looking very happy at all! Again, thanks to the help of islanders, the poor critter was gently helped off the piling and made its own way across the trestle and back to safety.
Please contact the FWC Hotline to report a stranding. 888-404-3922.